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Welcome !

The mission of the PIMAO association is to revive and develop a festive and cultural concept carried since 2010 by the town hall and the festival committee of Perchède "the Pesqué ecofete".
This eco-event in the Gers brings together every year on the first Sunday of July more than 1400 inhabitants of the Armagnac country in order to highlight the assets of the territory, promote activities and initiatives for "Better living in the country in this changing world".
The PIMAO association intends to develop this concept by acting in 5 areas which will be declined during the eco-festival but also throughout the year through articles, animations, eco-events, conferences and any support allowing to bring together experiences. , reflections, realistions carried out alone or in partnership with other associations and / or private and public structures.
The PIMAO association intends to act in all areas of general interest in the Pays d'Armagnac.

"Better Living in the Country in this Changing World"

Our history

Following the devastating storm of 2009 (Klauss), Alain Marin Mayor of the Municipality of Perchède and his Municipal Council decided to undertake a 7-year plan to enhance the natural heritage going well beyond simple reforestation (Réunion Published February 18, 2009).

The town owns a 2.6 ha pond and a 41 ha forest in 2009.

The pond was built by the monks of Saint Mont in the 13th century as was the village watchtower which in several stages has become the village church.

The pond of Pesqué and its forest are labeled: Natural Areas of Ecological Faunistic and Floristic Interest ZNIEFF; Sensitive Natural Areas (ENS) and are part of the Natura 2000 Midou Ludon network. It was listed on Cassini's map between 1750 and 1800.

A development plan is established for 7 years with the following objectives:

Gradual purchase of plots to enlarge the forest from 41 ha to 52 ha in 2016 with two objectives: to permanently protect the upstream side of the pond to preserve its aquatic environment and to promote the diversity and role of the municipal forest,

Development of a 5km educational trail for schoolchildren and adults with the creation of 3 safe, equipped and PR-labeled walking routes

Maintenance and respect of the traditions of the Middle Ages (fishing and gifts of fish to the inhabitants); to do this, cleaning work on the pond was necessary.

Call for projects in 2010 to experiment with Eco events (according to Ademe's specifications) and proposed by the Pays d'Armagnac. The Ecofête was created in July 2011 and supported by the Municipality and the Festival Committee. From 300 visitors at the start, this completely free day for visitors has welcomed over 1,400 people over the past two years.

This important collective work was made possible by the financial support of public and private partners including the CCBA - the CD 32 - the CRMP, Adour Garonne Water Agency, the European Leader funds, TEREGA. The support and involvement of technicians from Adasea- Arbres et Paysages 32 - CPIE 32- Maison de l'Eau, Pierre et Terre ... have made it possible to raise public awareness of these environmental issues.

Each year a different theme has made it possible to better understand the richness and variety of our terroir, the quality of our regional products, the know-how of the inhabitants of Bas Armagnac and the challenges to be met. The themes of the Bas Armagnac ponds, fauna and flora, water, corn, vines, cattle and sheep breeding were thus discussed.

The 40 volunteers of the town of 106 inhabitants are ready, with the help of other volunteers from Bas Armagnac Gers - Landes to take up other challenges: the enhancement of the built heritage and the necessary restoration of the Saint Martin de Perchède church. , more particularly the arrangement of the porch as an exhibition room, meeting room, places of exchange ...

The Municipality does not have all the human and financial resources necessary for the development of all these projects (maintenance of activities around the Natural Heritage and Restoration of the Built Heritage, it appeared necessary to create an association of public interest law of 1901) .

Thus was born the association PIMAO.

Our Mission

Read and download the first anniversary press kit

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