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from November 8, 2019

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The word of welcome

Thank you to those present and thank you to those absent excused for good reasons: work, care.

Our meeting of PIMAO is a meeting of civil society but of society therefore of a professional nature the opposite of dilettantism.

The professional says what he will do

Did what he said

Said what he did

This is exactly what we are going to do today: the assessment of 18 months of existence and


Thanks to our Host CCBA

We are happy to be welcomed by the CCBA, whom we thank through its president Élisabeth Mitterrand, also President of the PETR Pays d'Armagnac, and all of its services directed by Loïc Bombelli.

Close collaboration since our action meetings are frequent and 2 representatives, Bernard Menacq for the CCBA and Yves Imbert for the PETR Pays d'Armagnac sit on the board of directors.

We are keen on this close collaboration to complement or initiate projects of general interest for our territories and their inhabitants.

The importance of this First GA

Created in January 2018, declared and registered in the official journal on February 17, 2018, this GA brings the baby to the baptismal font and allows us to see if he has kept his promises.

This GA allows us to reaffirm our objectives and ambitions, to assess our successes and to define the desired improvements.

Each project manager will take stock of their area of ​​expertise and specify their objectives for 2020. I will be careful not to encroach on their areas.

The spirit of PIMAO

The association is not a club "between itself" for the sole pleasure of its members. Following the previous events of the Ecofête, it was born from the will of the founding members to act on the problems detected during the round tables, to leave the only territory of Perchède to open up to the country of armagnac, to federate skills to work in the general interest.

At our small level, we believe that we can act to “Live better at home in this changing world”.

We want an open hand and extended towards all good wills and like the “COLIBRI” We wish rather than sitting on the edge of the path of life and crying, to do our part of the work of improvement.

We want to unite efforts and we believe that to improve our land of life, only a collective effort respectful of each other will allow it.

PIMAO achievements

I leave it to the project managers to present their work and I thank them on behalf of all of you for the attention they pay to it.

Some and some non-project managers and members of the Board of Directors are just as essential to PIMAO; I am thinking in particular of our two pillars of stewardship Danielle and Sylvie and of the members of the holiday committee who are so efficient and at the same time so discreet and attentive.

I am also thinking of Jean Furet, who is so adept at setting up our exhibitors effectively, of all the volunteers who participate in the preparation of events, their creation and the maintenance of the sites.

I have a special thought for Jean François Van Overstraeteen absent today for exams in Toulouse and who gives us through his joy of living a lesson in optimism and courage.

I think of all those who invest in our working groups and who have come to us because they think that their activities, coupled with ours, can be more effective.

This is the case of Pierre Guichanné vice president of AICRA, François Deleurme Director of CLAN, Danièle Dupeyron who wishes to start a new project.

Production aid

Any private, public or associative company is built according to the scheme:

  • A project (with us that of the founding members)

  • Means :

- human: volunteers and selected external contributors

- techniques: new tools and technical know-how like that of Alain Dubicq

- financial: own resources, subsidies, sponsorship

- Organized: our areas and project managers

- For a result: Our assessment to date.

- the importance of the collective illustrated by the BPG

We won the budgets of the 3 churches we supported. None would have won without our support and strategy.

- The loyal community partners and private sponsors that we find on our interactive site and our posters and flyers.

Let us quote ParlemTV and the Baladins du Pesqué and all the associations which are gradually knocking on our door so that we combine our means, our skills and our efforts.

The associations of Lannepax, Cazeneuve, the Bios du Gers and all our associative partners including the historical ADASEA of the Gers.

- I end with the most important, our discreet, faithful and efficient volunteers.


I am happy that the results of our actions include the contribution of volunteers.

It is still the most important position without which nothing would be possible.

On behalf of the board of directors and our partners, I would like to thank them very warmly because they allow us to make the best use of the financial resources at our disposal.

The financial situation is healthy.

Christian Cuvellier our treasurer will explain it to you by following.

We have the means for our actions thanks to our sponsors and we make sure to use these means well.

As I mentioned during the Ecofête and recently in Eauze during a working meeting organized by the PETR Pays d'armagnac, we must make individuals and businesses aware of our actions, which they will benefit directly. It's up to us to be relevant and convincing.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In conclusion

- That this first general assembly be a meeting of reflection but above all a friendly meeting turned towards the possible.

May our short, very dense past allow us to build a great year 2020

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Download the elements of the 2019 GA

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